The company TAKTYK Metal Detectors provides lightning-fast professional warranty and post-warranty service. As a Polish manufacturer we have full access to all spare parts, electronic components, system software and its updates (Upgrede’ów). If you are looking for help please contact us. With your device, you should provide us with a warranty card and a PDF download request form below. Please send it to our email address: or printed and completed please attach to your shipment.

form in PDF format-DOWNLOAD

Maintaining the original quality level of the metal detector, its durability and reliability also depends on its proper use.

It is imperative to observe the following precautions to preserve the original quality and always enjoy the reliability of its work.

  1. Only contact our service metal detectors. We are able to give you advice about the device, as well as the most tailored to your needs and information about the correct operating principles.
  2. Please read the owner’s manual supplied with your device carefully before using it during your purchase.
  3. Always use good quality batteries, worn out as soon as possible remove from the battery compartment of the detector.
  4. Do not store the metal detector under extreme temperature conditions e.g. In the car’s preheated trunk.

Technical Service TAKTYK Metal detectors

Technical service of industrial metal detectors and other

We conduct technical service of metal detectors brands: Safeline, Detectronic, Dobert, and other

Post-warranty technical service of hobby metal detectors

We also conduct technical service of other metal detectors brands: LORENZ, PULSE STAR, CSCOPE, FISHER, TEKNETICS, GARRETT, WHITE’S, MINELAB, TESORO, XP

We have a wide range of spare parts. We make modifications of metal detectors allowing to increase the scope, improve functionality and for better protection of the detector against adverse weather conditions.

Modifications of metal detectors

We are conducting modifications of metal detectors

Here are some examples of modifications, the complete list we will post soon:

DEUS XP – We replace the cells in the coil, the headphones and the remote control
PROBE WHITE’S FOR MXT, DFX, Spectra-we check the quality of the alignment and make correct probe alignment so that you can work with the detector at higher setpoints PREAMP GAIN
WHITE’S MXT – in non-backlit models we add LCD backlight
WHITE’S XLT, QXT, EAGLE – we improve the stability of the detector by replacing the system with newer and better low-noise properties
WHITE’S SURFMASTER – Increase the sensitivity of your device to small items made of gold
WHITE’S CLASSIC – we increase the range by 30%, add an additional potentiometer for ground balance and a potentiometer for the signal regulation of the leading Threshold allowing accurate setting of the signal threshold of the lead
FISHER F70, FISHER F75, TEKNETICS T2 – we improve the stability of the detector-by precisely tuning the probes
WHITE’S TM808 – We replace the company’s connectors on connectors with much better quality and reliability
CSCOPE 4PI, 6PI – improves sensitivity and stability of detector operation
MINELAB SD2000/2100-we introduce several modifications improving the functionality of the metal detector (details on E-mail) TESORO CIBOLA-we add additional knob for ground balance and switch to change the frequency of operation 14kHz/18kHz

Technical Service TAKTYK Metal detectors